Get ready - Götterdämmerung + Auspacken

To make sure, we find stuff again after one year, there are some important things to notice.

    1. No matter who is in charge of the archery stuff during summer: you are the one who takes care of it.

    2. Make sure, everything is ready, if not: fix it.

    3. If it can't be fixed: order new stuff (asking your dean, what he/she is willing to buy for the program). A very good website to order stuff is lancasterarchery.

    4. Supervise the others in what you are doing, so that everyone does it the same way. Nothing is more confusing then having a bunch of counselors and knowone knows what the other already did or how he/she organized stuff.

    5. Especially if you are not there for the whole programm: make sure you tell the following counselors what is missing, how you did it and where things can be found!

    6. Store the equipment clean, dry and well organized! Don't just throw it in a big dirty box and hope the ones who find it in one year will deal with that mess. A big box with a lid works perfectly. Label it for example archery stuff Waldsee GB

    7. Take down the bow in its middle-part, the limbs and the string and srew the screws in the middle-part again (!) so they can't get lost!

    8. Leave a list in the box, what is in there, so the next staff knows how many bows, arrows, armgards ect. are supposed to be there for his/her session.

    9. Also, if you unpack it: Check the equipment. Is there everything that has been put on the list? If not, go and look for it! It must be somewhere.