Top Ten Tips for Worpswede

1. Have exhibitions of projects on the first day, the last day, and throughout the session. This will show both what the villagers can make in Worpswede and highlight past projects. Another good day for an exhibition is International Day, especially if the projects can reflect the year's theme.

2. Make sure your work area is well ventilated, especially if one of the villagers present has asthma or another respiratory problem.

3. Try to select projects that are culturally significant.

4. Before starting the project, go over the specific vocabulary involved with the villagers. If they're beginners, it would also be good to review the colors.

5. Have a finished example to show the villagers before beginning the project. If time allows, a step-by-step demonstration could also be helpful, especially for younger children.

6. If a villager is having trouble deciding what to do or make, ask them to make specific decisions about what they want (e.g., colors, shapes, texture).

7. Select a project that is flexible enough to allow the villagers to be creative.

8. Use lots of positive reinforcement with the villagers. You can praise the color choices, the concept, the style, anything.

9. Reinforce clean up as a regular part of every activity, and try to make it a group activity.

10. Keep projects varied.

Potential Worpswede Projects