Master List of MüAe

Tried and True

Come as your evil twin


Speed dating


Thanksgiving dinner (including awkward relatives)

Waldseeprobleme (e.g., Skype date with a parent in which you have to explain that their child never showed up, without using certain taboo words)

Themed food (does someone on staff have expertise with, e.g., Turkish, Spanish, Italian...?)

New Ideas

Board games (sort of tried this with Eltern in 2015, never really got off the ground)

Murder mystery dinner

Not as good as they sound

Glow-in-the-dark dodge ball (though opinions may differ)

Note to Stamm, from a non-Stamm: It's always nice for stressed-out KT Betreuer to feel like Stamm prepared something for them. It's nice to not be the one leading the show for an hour.