Leo Dictionary

Help to translate and check spelling or gender.

Bingo Karten

Great resource for creating your own bingo cards. You can learn anything through BINGO!

Deutsche Welle

Waldsee Blog

Free music without english.

Tagesschau in 100 Sekunden

Icebreaker Games

Bemidji Weather

Weather can completely change your plans for the day at Waldsee, so it's good to stay updated.


Great explainations of individual grammar points. Imagine you college German grammar textbook online.

Biohaus Homepage

Find out how much energey we are saving from the dynamic interactive website.

Spiegel Magazin

The Magazine

Concordia Langauge Villages Home Page

The main site, where you can find info about Waldsee and CLV in general.

Bob Ditter

We make fun of him, but read a few blog entries and you will have a new respect for the ol' Ditter. He has a lot of good ideas.

Galileo - Pro Sieben über Waldsee

This video gives information on Waldsee "die wohl coolste Sprachschule der Welt"