Here are Gelato recipes that I developed Summer 2010. There are lots of flavor packets in the basement of Einbeck, but I prefer to use fresh ingredients. After measuring out the ingredients, blend them with the immersion blender and let them sit to thicken before pouring them into the gelatto machine.


2 Liters milk

300g totalbase

422g sugar

1038g berries


2L milk

200g total base

499 g sugar

1002g berries


1L milk

110 g totalbase

200g sugar

518g blueberries


This one is tricky, the nutella really changes the texture and freezing time of the gelatto.

2L milk

200g totalbase

4 small jars (371 g) Nutella

Freeze for 20 minutes


1 L milk

100g totalbase

7.75 oz sugar

3 big Toblerone bars (milk chocolate)

1/2 teaspoon vanilla emulsion (get from bakers)

Cut the Toblerone into SMALL chunks

It took 17 minutes in the freezer