During the day, the villagers have a few times when there is unstructured time. In the Pause they can go to the Bank, Laden or the Kiosk. Don't get the wrong idea: we aren't trying to get the kids' money. It all goes into scholarships for villagers who cannot afford Waldsee or win merit based scholarships. All counselors will work in one of the following places.

Bank: Villagers have all the money they bring to Waldsee in an account at our "rockin" Bank. There they can withdraw a limited amount per day in Euros. All the prices in Waldsee are in Euros to try and teach the kids about the different cuerrencies.

Laden: here villagers can find Waldsee and CLV apparel, German games, books and CDs.

Cafe Einbeck: This is our candy-store. You have to see it to believe it.