New Staff

Hello!This part of the Waldsee wiki is devoted to helpful information for new staff. You might not know it yet, but Waldsee can sometimes be a very intimidating place for children. The same is true for new staff members. We do things very spontaneously and use a lot of "Waldseedeutsch" (our own code so kids who speak German don't know all our secrets.) Please go through ALL the pages in the "New Staff" section. Every one of them has important information that you might not even know you are going to need. Hopefully this site will answer all your questions. It probably won't. But you are in luck! You can use this space to ask any questions you might have and experienced staff members will answer them as quickly and as best they can!

If you are coming here for the first time, and were never a Teilnehmer in Waldsee, chances are you might be a credit teacher. Make sure you check out the section for LKT (our Credit program).

Once you have your bearings, please also familiarize yourself with Waldsee's other online resources.