LKT Märchenwald

LeistungsKurs Märchenwald centers its activities around three content areas: the middle ages, theater, and nature. Märchenwald immerses its participants not only in the German language, but also in a medieval atmosphere. Students take on a new medieval identity, choosing a name from medieval history or legend (e.g., Hildegard, Chlodwig, Gawain), and are challenged to adopt and flesh out new personae as smiths, minstrels, and craftsmen.

Like participants in Waldsee's other credit programs, LKM students produce a portfolio in order to demonstrate the progress they have made in linguistic and intercultural competence, the capstone project of which is a play based on a medieval legend. While the teacher chooses the legend and assigns roles, the students take charge of all other aspects of the production and may adapt the legend to the stage as they see fit. Students brainstorm scenes, create props, develop dialogue, and advertise the play to other Waldsee students. The play is typically performed over three successive evenings in the middle of the night on a stage in the woods.

A link to LKM materials can be found here (ask Julius for access).

Wissen war im Mittelalter sehr wichtig.