I. The CLV Mission

To prepare young people for responsible citizenship in our global community

In conjunction with our mission statement there are certain goals we have for every villager attending a Concordia Language Villages program. We believe that a responsible world citizen is one who:

  • understands and appreciates cultural diversity.

  • Villagers will learn about the cultures that speak the language of the village and how the people of these cultures relate to other people of the world by interacting with staff members from around the world, participating in activities and simulations, and experiencing culturally authentic meals and everyday life.

  • communicates with confidence and cultural sensitivity in more than one language.

  • Villagers will learn language appropriate for different social situations and will develop functional use of language required to successfully navigate their stay at the village.

  • responds creatively to issues that transcend national boundaries.

  • Villagers will learn geography through names and locations of village buildings and areas, and will work creatively with authentic local, regional and world maps. Villagers will also examine issues facing people in many areas of the world. This is done through learning groups, simulations, evening programs and informal discussion.

  • expresses empathy for neighbors in the global village.

  • Villagers will meet people from around the United States and throughout the world, and will live in cooperation and respect of individuals in the village. Cabin councils encourage villagers to participate in the management of living with a diverse group of people in a small village, and games emphasize cooperation over competition.

  • promotes a world view of peace, justice, and sustainability for all.

  • All Concordia Language Villages programs work to model environmentally responsible behaviors, including reducing-recycling –reusing, respect for nature and property and outdoor skills. Simulations will provide opportunities for villagers to empathize with diverse groups. Teamwork is promoted in the village, and conflict resolution skills are modeled in mediation of disagreements among villagers.