A. Roles of a Credit Teacher at Waldsee

In your role as a credit teacher, participation in the whole program at Waldsee is expected and integral to the success of every villager. All staff members participate in meal presentations, villager supervision, Gesang, Weckdienst, keeping personal and shared spaces clean and orderly, daily staff meetings, Superbetreuer duties, etc. Speak in the target language at all times when working with villagers.

  1. Credit Teacher

    • Prepare, teach, and document 3-4 class periods each day

    • Lead theme-based, activity-centered class with credit villagers of mixed language levels

    • Document lesson plans

    • Keep record of credit villager grades/progress

    • Keep up with required paper work

    • Assess credit villager progress

    • Keep credit facilitator abreast of any credit villager issues

    • Be available to help students during Lernzeit

    • Clean up LKT Lehrkraft Office at end of session

  2. Activity Leader

    • Be involved in activity process for entire village, not just credit program

    • Prepare and lead activities according to interests, talents, and skills

    • Plan, lead, and participate in evening programs

    • Prepare materials in advance of activities

    • Use target language appropriate to mixed-language level of villagers in activity

  3. Cabin Counselor

    • Live in cabin with 6-14 credit villagers

    • Assist villagers with getting to know each other

    • Facilitate cabin counsel on a nightly basis

    • Mediate cabin conflict

    • Eat some meals with your house group

    • Support homesick or otherwise emotionally upset villagers

    • Support villagers who come to you with issues

    • Direct villagers in assigned clean-up duties

These are the three roles of the credit teacher. The Lehrerhandbuch für den Leistungskurs focuses specifically on credit teaching. There are other manuals/orientations that address the others roles the credit teacher will be expected to perform at Waldsee.