H. Framework Outlines

A. What is a framework?

A framework is a document that shows what you did in your class or AG and how those activities lived up to certain national, CLV, and Waldsee standards. For each theme covered in your class, you will need to fill out a separate framework, or just one for an AG. A framework has eight frames, each of which needs to be filled in with certain information. Don’t worry. It’s easy!

Language Structures

Basically, this frame consists of a list of the grammar that was emphasized during your classes. Most likely, you personally used all sorts of grammatical structures when speaking with your students. Also, your students might have used other structures as well, either more or less advanced than the ones you stressed in your class or AG. While it is OK to list some other structures that often appeared in the language in your class, you want to make sure you list the grammar that makes sense for your theme. If your theme is architecture, you’ll certainly want to list prepositions and imperatives (e.g. “Draw a pointy roof on the garage.”) Choose some of the language structures from the list below, and / or think up some of your own:

Lexis: Words, Word Groups

This frame should be filled with the vocabulary that you emphasized in your class. A very effective way of doing this is to list several semantic categories and then give a number of examples words within each category. If your theme was soccer, you could list Body, Soccer Terms, Art Supply Terms as your categories and then for Body write der Fuss, das Bein, das Auge, das Knie, die Hand, etc, etc.