F. A Typical Day In Waldsee

…and what this means for Credit Teachers

A. The Daily Schedule (Sample)

The following is the typical schedule of a day in Waldsee. Activities in bold are of particular concern for the Credit program and will be explained below (Sample LKT Wochenplan).

B. The Daily Schedule and the Credit Program

For the summer, Waldsee is home for many different programs, the credit program among them. The most significant difference between the credit program and the one- and two-week programs is the large amount of formal language instruction. While all programs follow the same daily schedule, programs differ considerably during the designated instruction times (Unterricht) with regards to the nature of language instruction and requirements.

The more formal content and requirements of the credit program also require teachers to develop a curriculum (see Section III: Planning your Curriculum), lesson plans, and assess student performance (see Section VI: What Counts as Credit/Assessing Student Performance). In combination with general and cabin duties, the workload in the credit program is substantial for both students and particularly for teachers.

While the Waldsee Credit Program does not compromise on amounts of instruction or quality, the program maximizes the use of Waldsee resources and reduces the time commitment for teachers. Unser Motto: “Mehr Deutsch, weniger Klassenarbeit”.

Let’s have a look at a typical week in Waldsee and what this means for a credit teacher. The daily activities that differentiate the credit program from other Waldsee programs are the four instruction units: Unterricht I, Tagesthemen, Unterricht II, and Unterricht III.

C. Sample LKT Wochenplan: