A framework is a document that shows what you did in your class or AG and how those activities lived up to certain national, CLV, and Waldsee standards. For each theme covered in your class, you will need to fill out a separate framework, or just one for an AG. A framework has eight frames, each of which needs to be filled in with certain information. Don’t worry. It’s easy!

Below there are many frameworks attached. Find one that is similar to what you did and maybe you won't have to start from scratch.

Once you choose an example file, edit it so that it only includes what you REALLY covered. These examples might originally have been for a different language level or for a slightly different activity. There is no pressure for you to have included the exact same topics with your class. The framework is just a way for other teachers to know what a villager has and has not learned while at Waldsee.

You can also feel free to use the blank version attached at the bottom of this page.

NB: Since these frameworks come from various years, they may be formatted slightly differently or include slightly different goals from the frameworks your session uses. Check with the LKT facilitator to make sure you know what's expected.