Before each meal, we do a small Vorführung to introduce the food we will be eating to the Teilnehmer and the Betreuer. Groups of counselors are sometimes responsible for the Essensvorstellung, but often you will do an Essensvorstellung with your Familie, Klasse, or Haus -- with kids!

Here are some general guidelines for Essensvorstellungen:

    • It should be short! 5 minutes or less.

    • Make sure it is clear what we are eating! Can the kids see the food you are holding? You can try walking around the Gasthof or making pictures with foods on them. (If they're nice, get 'em laminated!)

    • If possible, use the Frage des Tages

Need an idea for an Essensvorstellung?

    • Think about the Frage des Tages -- that is a great place to start for anything you do in front of the group!

    • Can you make an Essensvorstellung that emphasizes the cultural or historical background of the food we are about to eat (e.g. Swiss food, Norddeutschland, türkisches Essen)

Essensvorstellung Ideas

  • Airport Security

  • Backwards Essensvorstellung

  • Fifi

  • Inception

  • Matrix

  • Musicals

  • Princess Bride

  • Rewrite the lyrics to a Waldseelied (a good class/Familie project!)

  • Sherlock

  • Weekend at Bernie's

  • Doctor Who

  • fiddler on the roof (matchmaker)

  • whoever finishes this challenge the worst gets fired (like monarch of the glen)

  • dancing vegetables

  • wizard of oz (milch = oz)

  • autotune the news?

  • harry potter - deathly hallows of frühstück

  • superstar singer has lost his voice shortly before the final round of deutschland sucht ein superstar

Links to previous Essensvorstellungen