Grundkurs in Waldsee usually means a group of villagers with very little or no experience with the German language. This does not mean the are the youngest or least intelligent villagers. Many of our beginners are older, because parents of older children are more willing to send their children to our camp with no German experience. Make sure that the way you treat your Grundkurs is based on their actual maturity level and not their language level. You may be surprised how much a beginner group can accomplish in 2 weeks (if you help them in the right ways.)

Tag Frage

1. Montag Ankunft

1. Dienstag Wie heißt du?

1. Mittwoch Was tust du?

1. Donnerstag Was ist das?

1. Freitag Wohin gehst du?

1. Samstag Wann?

2. Montag Warum? Weil...

2. Dienstag Was hast du gemacht?

2. Mittwoch Warum bist du...?

2. Donnerstag Was meinst du?/ Wie oft?

2. Freitag Wiederholung