Fortgeschrittene kids can be very rewarding to teach: They can understad complicated tasks and can express their interests. They can also be a challenge. Make sure you are prepared to explore many of the aspects of each "Frage des Tages". That means "Wohin gehst du?" can include geography, Wo vs. Wohin, Zu vs. Nach, Traumurlaub... anything you think fits or is in the curriculum.

Tag Frage

1. Montag Ankunft

1. Dienstag Wie heißt du?

1. Mittwoch Was tust du?

1. Donnerstag Was ist das?

1. Freitag Wohin gehst du?

1. Samstag Wann?

2. Montag Warum? Weil...

2. Dienstag Was hast du gemacht?

2. Mittwoch Warum bist du...?

2. Donnerstag Was meinst du?/ Wie oft?

2. Freitag Wiederholung