1. Samstag (AK)


Thema: Time and Review



Neue Fragen:

Wieviel Uhr ist es? Es ist 10.00 Uhr,

Wie spät ist es? Es ist viertel vor elf.

Wann essen wir? Wir essen um 8.30 Uhr.

Wann wirst du das machen? Ich werde das am Mittwoch machen.

Ziele des Tages:

    1. Villagers should learn how to ask what time it is and tell what time it is.

    2. Practice the days of the week, the months of the year and the seasons.

    3. Be sure to prepare villagers for Restaurant Abend if that's what is scheduled for tonight's program.

    4. Review and repeat, adding time expressions to all previous patterns:

Wo wohnt der Bär im Winter? im Sommer?

Was tust du um 14.00 Uhr?

Wo (in welchem Land) ist es 10.00 Uhr, 12.00 Uhr, 22.00 Uhr ...?

Wie ist das Wetter heute, Im Frühling, Winter ...?

Wohin gehst du um 11.00 Uhr?

    1. If you have an exceptionally advanced group and need more for today you can introduce and work on construction of the future with werden.

Mögliche Anwendungen und Vokabeln:

Das Restaurant:

Samstag Abend is almost always Restaurant Abend at Waldsee. This simulation of “going out to eat” in a German‑speaking country is meant to give villagers important cultural information as well as language skills. Villagers will be asked to make reservations for the restaurant by phone and they will be expected to order and pay for their meal in German. Counselors will be working as waitrons, servers, dish washers, hosts, etc. trying to make the experience as authentic as possible. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOU PRACTICE THE RESTAURANT DIALOGUE IN YOUR FAMILIENGESPRÄCH so that villagers are prepared for the evening.