This is the target group for our curriculum: of couse it is great for beginners and advanced learners too, but almost every topic and subtopic should be challenging AND achievable for villagers in the middle levels. Remember that many villagers who only learn German while they are here in Waldsee can speak and understand spoken language much more than they can read and write. Try to include some written German when appropriate.

Tag Frage

1. Montag Ankunft

1. Dienstag Wie heißt du?

1. Mittwoch Was tust du?

1. Donnerstag Was ist das?

1. Freitag Wohin gehst du?

1. Samstag Wann?

2. Montag Warum? Weil...

2. Dienstag Was hast du gemacht?

2. Mittwoch Warum bist du...?

2. Donnerstag Was meinst du?/ Wie oft?

2. Freitag Wiederholung