Adventure Day Camps

Willkommen in Waldsee!

Adventure Day Camps are one week programs for villagers ages 6-11, who arrive at 9 and depart at 15.30 Monday through Friday . Most of these villagers have little to no previous experience with German. Our goal is to introduce them to the language and culture of German-speaking regions through games, arts and crafts, sports, and other activities. Although it has been referred to as "Waldsee Light", each session is really an action packed, language-filled, fun-focused week.

What can I expect as a Day Camp Counselor?

Please read the Waldsee Adventure Day Camp Handbook with extensive information including purpose and mission, themes, schedules, activities, photos, and parental involvement. The document also includes a comprehensive list of resources. Also, here are some FAQs we've gotten from Eltern, with answers that highlight the goals and priorities of our day camp program.....

What can I expect from my child’s participation in Adventure Day Camp? What’s the outcome?

It’s unreasonable for us to claim that your child will be fluent in the target language or culturally

competent after a week or two of Adventure Day Camp, but we can tell you that …

    • Your child will learn the target language through fun and engaging activities.Adventure Day Camp – page 3

    • Your child will become more aware of new cultures and their practices.

    • Your child will have the opportunity to connect with nature and be outside in a playful and “learnful” environment.

    • Your child will develop confidence in learning and using a second language.

What happens at Waldsee in the day camp program?

Each day is a mixture of basteln projects, physical activity and games, singing, a culturally authentic lunch, and a bit of downtime to recharge and reflect. Additionally, each week features a few surprises, a trip or two (such as a Kanufahrt or a Wanderung), and a final parent program on Friday.

For the most part, your villager will be engaged in their Day Camp activities with their own counseling staff. However, because the Adventure Day Camp runs concurrently with our in‐

residence, immersion programs, Adventure Villagers may sometimes be part of a fun dynamic that includes the whole Village.