Zen Clap

Ausspracheübung: Use this to practice words with umlauts. Play begins when one villager places her hand on her head and says, for example, “Küüüche.” Whoever goes next depends on the way the starter's fingers are pointing. If she used her left hand, her fingers would be pointing to the person to her right so the person on her right would continue the game. If she used her right hand, her fingers would point to the left, and so the person to the left would continue the game.

The second person then places her hand (fingers extended) on her head and says, for example, “Köööln.”

The person she is pointing to will then continue by placing his hand on his head and saying, for example, “Käääse.” Now, the fourth player has an important role. Without saying anything she will point to another player in the circle. He will then begin the game from the start: “Küüüche,” “Köööln” and so on until someone messes up. That person then becomes a heckler, trying to distract the others as they continue to play.