These games can be used with almost any lesson to create sentences for villagers. Use dice with corresponding words (on the side of the die or on a piece of paper numbered 1-6). Role the die and have villagers make sentences with the resulting words. For “Was tust du?” use dice with corresponding (ich, du, er/sie/es, wir, ihr, Sie/sie) (1=ich, 2=du, etc. ) . Another die corresponds with 6 verbs. Villagers role the dice and make sentences, practicing correct conjugations. For more advanced students add a dice with corresponding nouns, one with corresponding possessive pronouns (mein, dein, sein, etc. ), one with modal verbs (können, sollen wollen, müssen, dürfen, mögen) or with dative verbs and dative pronouns (mir, dir, etc.) Now they role several die and create sentences using several words. Creative sentences result! For “Warum? weil...” use dice with different Waldsee places and actions. Villagers make sentences with the roled words. (ie. Ich gehe zum Laden, well ich schwimmen will.) If the resulting sentence makes sense, give one point. For “Warum bist du...” use die with feelings and reasons. (Ich bin hungrig, weil ich nichts gegessen habe.)