Wie bitte?

In this game, villagers practice asking and answering questions and loam now vocabulary. Begin by sending an object around the circle to the villager on the left. Say, “Das ist einBuch”. The villager pretends not to hear or understand and asks, “Wie bitte?” Repeat what the object is. Then the villager passes the object on to the person on her left, saying, “Das ist ein Buch”. Again, the response from villager #2 Is “Wie bitte? Villager #1 must ask YOU again “Wie bitte” and then pass on the response to #2. This pattern continues around the circle. To add confusion and more objects, start another object in the other direction--to the villager on your right. The “Wie bitte's” are sure to cross paths!! Variations include sending an action with the object. For example, send a plate and say “Ich esse.”