This game can be adapted for almost any lesson. For “Was tust du”: Every villager should have an object reflecting a verb. For example, a glass for trinken, a plate for essen, etc. The first villager in the circle makes a sentence using her object. (Ich trinke Milch.) The second villager says what she is doing and what the first villager is doing. (Ich esse Wienerschnitzel. Sie trinkt Milch) Continue around the circle trying not to break the chain. Try timing the chain and break your own records! For a variation use patterns from any day. “Wohin gehst du?”: use objects to represent places (i.e. plate=Gasthof, passport=Bank). Villagers make a chain with “Ich gehe zum Gasthof; er geht zur Bank; etc. “Warum? Weil… Each villager has to add on a different reason for going to the same place. (Ich fliege nach Deutschland, well ich Müsli essen will.) For “Was hast du gemacht”: Have second villager respond using present tense for what she is doing and past tense for the others. “Ich schwimme, sie hat Müsli gegessen, er hat sine Toblerone gekauft, etc.”