Umwelt Wissen

Take a tour of the woods around Waldsee. Stop to look at various trees and ask, “Warum ist dieser Baum eine Fichte?” Expect answers like, “Dieser Baum ist eine Fichte, weil er quadratische Nadeln hat.” Take time to teach shapes and adjectives first. Here is a short list:

flach – the needles of a TANNE quadratisch – the needles of a FICHTE roh – a piece of bark glatt – a piece of birch bark schleimig – slime from the lake spitz – the point of a leaf rund-the end of a stick

Extend the game to other questions like, “Warum ist dieser Baum braun?” Antwort: “Weil er krank ist.” This could lead to a discussion ofWaldsterben.