Tiere nachaffen

This is a very fun game with a larger group and a great way to teach animal names. There's lots of room for creativity so be prepared to come up with some animal representations of your own, but here is an outline, of the game and a couple of examples.

The names of one or two animals are introduced to begin with along with a three person representation of the animal. For example, and ELEFANT would be composed of one person who turns herself into a long trunk and two other players, one on each side, who form the large floppy ears with their arms. A STINKTIER might consist of the middle player placing his hands behind his back, raising his tail and making a hissing (spraying) sound, while the players next to him plug their noses and turn their heads away from the “smell”.

Before you begin play, all of the players should have had a chance to practice making the characters and would be familiar with their names.

To start the game stop into the center of the circle to be the spinner. Twirl around with your finger pointed, come to a quick haft, and call out the name of one of the animals. The person pointed to must assume the central part of that animal's pose, and the players on either side must complete the picture. Whoever messes up by making the wrong move or hesitates too long, gets to be the spinner for the next round. As players become comfortable with a couple animals add another, and another, and another.