The “Tic-tac-toe” board can be used in a variety of ways for almost any day. (See sample below) Three X or 0 in a row wins. Write new vocabulary in each square and ask questions which can be answered with the vocabulary. Or make villagers use the word in a correct sentence to get the space. If a team or villager answers correctly, they get to mark an X in the box. This may also be used like a 'Jeopardy' board, where the 'answer' is in the box and the villagers have to make up the questions. Be creative. The following idea was specifically developed for “Warum ... well” practice. Make the tic-tac-toe board with the pronouns. In order to get an X or an 0 on each of the spaces, the villager must use the pronoun in a warum ... weil sentence with an appropriate form of the modal verb. („Wir gehen zum Strand, well wir schwimmen wollen.” ) See sample below.