The Famous and the Infamous

This would take a bit of preparation but it could be a good and interesting lesson. Choose some interesting characters from history and some modern day heros. Try to get a mix of people-both those who are famous for good things and those who are famous for bad things, both women and men, both whites and minorities, etc. The question is: “Was hat er/sie gemacht?” Once that is established ask other questions in the past: “Wo hat er/sie gewohnt?”, “Wann hat er/sie gelebt?” etc.

It would be fine to allow some discussion of the characters in English, particularly if villagers have different opinions. Follow up with a game of MEMORY using the picture and the statement of what the person did as a matching pair. Or play a round of WER BIN ICH taping the names of the characters you have just discussed to the backs of the villagers.