Staffellauf (Relays)

These are great ideas for young, active groups. Be creative and use the relay idea for any day, if your group likes it.

A. 'Was tust Du?”: Write several actions or draw action pictures on flashcards. Divide the cards into two piles and place them at a distance from the kids. Divide the villagers into two groups. At the word “go”, one villagers from each group must run to the pile and pick up a paper. The rest of the group hollers, “Was tust du?” or “Was machst du?” and the villager must answer by acting out the action and saying it at the same time. For example: “ich trinke.” The villager may put the card on the discard pile and run back to the group. When she gets back, the next person in the group may run to the stack.

B. “Wohin gehst du?” Divide villagers up into two teams. The counselor holds up a stack of cards with pictures or words of Laden, Kiosk, Bank etc. Kids race up to the counselor in pairs and race to see who can say a correct sentence with zur, zum, nach.