This popular American children's ball game can-be adapted for many different language lessons—from practicing numbers to “Wohin gehst du”. It's great for large, active groups. In the basic game, every villager is given a number (or country or capital). All stand in a circle around you. Then throw the ball high and call out a number. The villager with this number runs to catch the ball while everyone else runs away. When the villager catches the ball, he calls “Halt”. Now, he may take three large steps toward the nearest (or any) villager and throw the ball at this villager. The villager may not move his feet, but may dodge the ball by ducking or bending. If he is hit, he gets the letter 'a' --as the first letter of the word 'spud'. If he does not get hit the 'thrower' gets the letter. Play until someone gets out by receiving all the letters of the word. The “thrower” now stands in the middle and tosses the ball up and calls a number. Variation for “Wohin gehst du”: Instead of numbers, every villager takes the name of a place in Waldsee (Gasthof, Bahnhof, Kiosk, etc.) Before the villager with the ball may throw the ball at someone, he has to answer the question “Wohin gehst du?” with “Ich gehe zum Bahnhof.” All other villagers should ask the question.