Riesen, Zwerge, Zauberer

This game is based on the game “Paper, Scissors, Rock” only the villagers act in teams. Villagers line up in 2 lines facing each other. They secretly choose what they will become at your signal. A Riese (arms up and standing on toes) can crush a Zwerg and therefore defeat it. AZwerg (crunched down on knees) can trick the Zauberer and therefore defeat it. A Zauberer (one hand out holding a magician's wand) can zap the Riese. Each team makes their decision, -on the count of drei every one assumes their position. The winners chase the losers and those who are tagged become part of the other team. Be sure to establish “safe” zones behind each line first! If both teams choose the same character, they must hug each other.