This game is patterned after a common American card game--“explitive”. All cards are passed out. The objective is to got rid of all your cards. The person who starts lays down all of the 2's that she has and tells the others in the group how many she's placing on the discard pile. The next person lays down 3's, the next 4's and so on. The fun comes in when people start to cheat. It the person who should lay down 5's has none, she can choose other cards in her hand, lay them down, and say that they're 5's. If someone also in the group believes she has lied, that person yells “Quatsch!” It the cheater has been caught, she must take the discard pile. If the quatsch-yeller was wrong, she must take the discard pile. The game continues until someone successfully gets rid of all her cards.