Have villagers close their eyes and put their thumbs together-you squeeze the thumb of the person who will be “it,” der Mürder. The killer's weapon is to wink. And the killer's objective is to “murder” everyone before being found out.

Have villagers mingle, using the introductory dialogue (or any other dialogue you're wanting to teach). The murderer will try to slip in an inconspicuous wink when she catches the eye of her victims. If someone has been winked at then he must die a slow and painful death (usually with somewhat loud groaning and drawn out dramatics). To keep the killer's identity from being too obvious, though, there should be a bit of a delay between the wink and the death throes.

Play continues until someone wants to make an accusation--“Ich klage an!”—at which point another player must second the accusation—”Ich klage an auch!” If there is no second, play continues. If the accusation is seconded then the two players count to three and point at the same time to the person they think is the murderer. If they point to the wrong player, or if each points to a different player (even if one is correct) they both die instantly; And so the game goes until the killer is caught or she has eliminated all of the players.