This is a good game, especially because villagers will most likely be familiar with how the game works and you won't need to do much explaining. You can play memory with almost every daily theme. Here are some examples:

To practice verbs, have one set of cards with pictures of various activities (soccer players, swimming, sleeping, etc.) and another set of cards with the verbs written out (spielen, schwimmen, schlafen... ). Use the game to elicit responses to the question of the day. If a villager gets a match she must correctly use the verb to keep the cards.

To practice time expressions, have one set of cards with digits or pictures of clocks with different reading different times (12:00, 12:40, 22:00. etc.). On the other set of cards write out the time expression (zwölf Uhr, zwölf Uhr vierzig…) In order to keep the cards villagers must correctly answer your question “Wieviel Uhr ist es?” or “Wann gehst Du Ins Bett?”...

To practice geography along with verbs, propositions, time expressions... have one set of cards be cut out shapes of countries and the other set the country name and flag. Villagers can answer all kinds of questions to keep the cards: Wohin fliegst Du? Wo liegt Norwegen? Wieviel Uhr ist es in Japan?