Set a table with your group while you’re waiting for stragglers. Use TPR and/or “Concentration” (Siehe #9) to introduce the dishes and utensils. Make the die Gabel, die Serviette, die Tasse | der Teller, der Löffel | das Glas, das Messer line-up obvious.

Use the opportunity to-talk about what goes where on the table. Is it the same as is typically done in the States? Is it important?

Start to describe the positioning in German using the prepositions you plan to teach: vor, hinter, neben, ... Then move the utensils around and emphasize the prepositions.

  • Der Toller ist zwischen dem Glas und dem Messer

  • Nun aber ist das Messer zwischen dem Toller und dem Glas

  • Und jetzt? Wo ist das Glas? ....

Now have them each move their won place settings in order to answer yes to your question:

  • Ist das Messer auf dam Teller?

  • (villagers place the knife on the plate and respond)

  • Ja, das messer ist auf dem Toller.

Finally, have students work in pairs. They sit back to back. One student makes a “Geschirrskulptur” and then describes it to her/his partner. The partner must replicate the sculpture without looking.