House of cards

Variations on this game can be used for almost any day. This is also a good review activity. Here it is described for 'Was tust du?”. Have villagers build a house out of playing cards by adding one card to the house at a time. With the addition of each card, the villager must say one word to help build a sentence. For example, the first villager places the first card on the card house and says, “ich”. The next villager in the circle places another card and adds another word to the sentence: “Ich spiele.” The object of the game is to have the villagers build longer and more complex sentences as the size of the house grows. Hopefully, they will end up with a sentence like, “Ich spiele Fußball mit Fritz auf dem Fußbalplatz.” Before each villager adds a new word, the group should ask “Was tust du?” or “Was machst du?”