Hast du je?

Begin this activity by using the Ja oder Nein Stuhl (#27) game. Test for comprehension-- du dich je im Regen geduscht?” (Villagers who have run to the JA and those who haven't runt to the NEIN.) Then have villagers ask the questions to practice the constructions. Now you are ready to play “hast du je.” Ask each villager to think of something she has done that the others probably haven't. Each villager then asks the others if they have ever done this particular thing. If no one else has ever done it, the villager who asks the question receives chips--one for each time she's done it (Wie oft hast du einen Frosch geküsst? Ich habe's 3 3 mal gemacht.) If other have done it, the person asking the question receives no chips and the others receive the appropriate number according to the number of times they have don't it.