(From Silver Bullets) Another game to inspire conversation among villagers. Divide the villagers into groups of three. Each group needs a ball (or a wad of paper.) Two players sit facing the third. This third person is the “wall” for the handball game. The two villagers “playing” the game flip a pfennig to see who goes first. Then the “server” throws the ball to the “wall” and asks a 'yes' or 'no' question. (le. Kannst du Fußball spielen? Gehst du heute schwimmen?, etc. ) The “wall” must answer truthfully. If the answer is 'yes', the “wall' tosses the ball to the other player. The “receiver” tosses the ball back with another question. If the answer is yes, play continues. If the answer is “no” the opposing person gets the point. The object is to ask as many “yes” questions as possible. The “wall” must respond to negative questions with complete sentences using “nicht” or “kein” as appropriate. (ie. Ich gehe heute nicht schwimmen. Ich esse kein Müsli.)