This is a great and fun way to learn and practice names, places, words for foods, animals, etc. Each villager introduces him/herself (chooses and introduces a place, fruit, animal, etc.) to the group.

The group leader begins by saying “Guten Tag. Trudhilde!” and throwing a beanbag to Trudhilde. Trudhilde continues the game by saying “Guten Tag Max!” and throwing the beanbag to Max. The game continues for a while and then the group leader introduces a second beanbag (the first is still in play). And then a third beanbag, a fourth, a fifth... Up to ten beanbags can be used depending on your group's size eventually it should look like a “group juggle.”

Make this more interesting by varying the greeting with each beanbag. For example, start with “Guten Tag” on the first beanbag, move to “Grüß Dich” for the second, “Wie geht's” for the third and so on.

An important safety precaution is to make sure everyone knows one rule: Players must have the attention of the person they are throwing to before throwing the beanbag.