The question “wo wohnst Du?” offers a good opportunity to add geography to the Gesprächsgruppe. Be sure to BRING A MAP to thisGesprächsgruppe. Show villagers where their “homes” are located. Talk a little about recent German history (reunification). Which cities are in the East? Which are in the West?

Introduce the names of the continents using a globe or floor map and TPR. Then have villagers separate (cut out) the continents from a photo-copied map or a map they have drawn themselves. Each Villager takes a continent and the question “Wo wohnst Du?” is answered with the continent name (z.B., “Ich wohne in Afrika”). Do the same with countries, capitals, cities, mountain ranges, rivers, etc.

For more advanced groups introduce animal names: “Das ist eine Giraffe. Wohnt die Giraffe in Europa?” “Wo wohnt die Giraffe?” Then assign animal names to villagers and have them ask each other where they live. Play charades hen someone has guessed t he correct answer they must also say where the animal lives to win. Another variation would be to play “Ja und Nein Stuhl”.