Ente, Ente, Gans

Ente, Ente, Gans This famous childhood game takes on a new twist when you Introduce language skills. Organize students in a circle and one villager circles around tapping every villager on the head saying, “Ente, Ente, Ente, etc.” When this villager calls someone “Gans”, that person stands up and greets the villager with “Guten Tag, wie heißt du?” Both villagers must ask and answer this question and then they run in opposite directions around the circle. When they cross paths again, they ask the same questions again before continuing around the circle to the empty spot in the circle. Whoever gets to the spot first she, and the other person is now “it”. You can vary the language for many less”. Instead of “Wie heißt du?” villagers can ask each other “Was tust du?” or “Wohin gehst du?” For active kids this is great!