Bei grün gehen, bei rot stehen

Once I saw Meike playing this with four young boys. I was sold instantly-they were having a blast AND learning language. The game is “red light, green light.” One person is “it” the others hold familiar objects which represent some action (e.g. a book for “lessen”). When the person who is “it” has his/her back to the group, the light is green and the other villagers can try to sneak up to the finish line (where “it” is standing). When “it” turns around and yells “Halt!”, however, the red light has gone on. “It” then asks each of the other players: “Was hast du gemacht?” and they answer accordingly. If “it” has seen someone moving, then that person will have to answer with “ich habe gemogelt” and return to the original starting point. When someone finally reaches the line, s/he becomes 'it” and the others trade objects and start over.