1. Montag

Ziel des Tages:

The goal for today is to get villagers to join the program. Look for villagers that appear energetic and have good language skills. If you begin to explain the program to them and they look very confused, they may have a hard time in this program. Talk to potential participants and have them sign-up if they are interested. It may be wise to bring a checklist of language ability prerequisites so you can quiz villagers when they come talk to you. They shouldn’t be made aware that you are screening them, but after you talk to each villager it may be wise to write down a few notes. This way, when deciding which villagers to pick, you know what their language abilities are and any other distinguishing characteristics.

General Program Notes:

I would recommend no more than eight villagers participating in the program with three counselors conducting the program.

Villagers will meet four times a day. These four times will be during all three “Familie” hours and the first “Veranstaltungstunde.”