2. Mittwoch

Fragen des Tages:

Wie geht es dir? Es geht mir gut/schlecht/so-so.

Warum bist du so traurig? Ich bin so traurig, weil….

Projekt des Tages:

The Villagers that DJ today should be reminded to broadcast the programs that were finished yesterday.

Der Plan fuer heute

1. Familie (45 minuten):

2 minutes: Group Morning Meeting.

3 minutes: Spend a few minutes reviewing some of the concepts from the day before. Focus on asking villagers where they were yesterday and what they did.

10 minutes: By this point in the week the villagers had probably had more German than they can possibly handle. Instead of getting more complicated with the grammatical concepts, spend the last two days of the program teaching them things that you believe are necessary for them to know. These may be little “Redewendungen” that they can use on the air or in normal conversation.

One of the most important things to know is how to ask someone how they are feeling. Spend these first ten minutes teaching as many emotions as possible. Waldsee has posters with faces showing many different emotions. Have villagers pick out a face on the poster and have other villagers try to guess which emotion is being shown. For a more competitive game break the villagers up into teams and have them play against one another.

30 minutes: Project time. Each group should have a counselor working with them to keep them on task. One villager should be in the DJ studio broadcasting live. The villager who will be DJing in the next session should be writing up his or her plan. When he or she is done they should join their groups. Change the groups around so that the villagers work with different people and so that they are working on different projects than last time.

Group 1: Have this group work on an “Umfrage.” Pages 59 and 60 have suggestions for possible questions based on the question of the day.

Group 2: Have this group work on a news report and weather report for tomorrow. Remember to work with the future tense with the weather report and the past tense with the news report.

Group 3: Have this group work on a “Kinofeature” or a “gebauter Beitrag.”

These projects will be continued in the other three meeting times as well. At the end of this day’s curriculum there will be other projects and games that the villagers can do if they finish their projects early.

1. Veranstaltungstunde, 2. Familie, and 3. Familie should be spent working on projects. Remember to have one villager DJ during each session.