2. Donnerstag

Fragen des Tages:

Wie oft?

Manchmal, ab und zu, immer, jeden Tag

Projekt des Tages:

This will be the final day of new projects for the radio station.

Der Plan fuer heute

1. Familie (45 minuten):

2 minutes: Group morning meeting

5 minutes: Spend a few minutes reviewing some of the concepts from the day before.

40 minutes: Project time. Each group should have a counselor working with them to

keep them on task. One villager should be in the DJ studio broadcasting live. The

villager who will be DJing in the next session should be writing up his or her plan. When

he or she is done they should join their groups. Change the groups around so that the

villagers work with different people and so that they are working on different projects

than last time.

Group 1: Have this group work on an “Umfrage.” Pages 59 and 60 have

suggestions for possible questions based on the question of the day.

Group 2: Have this group work on a news report and weather report for tomorrow.

Remember to work with the future tense with the weather report and the past tense with

the news report.

Group 3: Have this group work on a “Kinofeature” or a “gebauter Beitrag.”

1. Veranstaltungstunde, 2. Familie, and 3. Familie: Use these times for villagers to finish projects in their groups. Assignments given in the morning meeting should be a list a projects to be completed during the day at the groups own pace. As this is the last full day for projects, be sure to have your villagers finish as much as possible.