Waldsee Radio

Die Tage:

1. Montag

1. Dienstag

1. Mittwoch

1. Donnerstag

1. Freitag

1. Samstag

2. Montag

2. Dienstag

2. Mittwoch

2. Donnerstag

2. Freitag

Waldsee Radio is yet another option for returning villagers who are looking for an extension of the core two-week curriculum.

Would you like to learn how to be a real DJ? Would you like to learn about the current music scene in Europe and put on your own radio show, broadcast live to the rest of the Village? If so, then check out what's going on at Waldsee Radio this summer.

Like our other adventure programs, Waldsee Radio is aimed at returning villagers and at advanced learners who are looking for new ways to expand their language abilities within a fun and interesting context. As a radio reporter, you might find yourself interviewing top European personalities - like the German or Swiss Ambassadors!

Here is a copy of the Curriculum.