Lights Set-Up on the Buehne

Lights Setup for the Buehne


-The silver lights go on the buehne; they are not as strong, but will act as sort of a supporting role to the Sun

-There is a red square light (single, not the two that are connected) that should go in the tree at the back of the Publikum. It has two handle-type things that can be wrapped around the tree. It also helps to firmly tie a stick perpendicular to the tree so that you can just hang the handle things there. But sometimes you only have an hour to hang up the lights and can't do that. Just sort of fiddle around with it for a while until it stays there without falling down.

-2012 note: if you prop up the two red lights that are connected on small bricks, they also work well as vor der Buehne Lichter. This is especially useful if you can't find the silver lights and/or they don't work anymore.


-The Sun Light plugs into a mehrfachstechdose, which should be plugged into another mehrfachsteckdose, if you chose to use a CD player.

-The silver lights plug into the smaller, white mehrfachsteckdosen. These should plug into an extension cord, which should plug into the same mehrfachsteckdose as the Sun Light.

-basically all the lights should be plugged in in such a way that you can easily turn them on and off with the mere flip of a power cord switch.


-Always remember to bring Duct Tape

-All holes should be covered when leaving the Buehne, just in case of rain. Plugs can be left out because they aren't holes.

-Duct tape everything

-Don't cover holes with Detlef bzw. Duard's umhang for a week or so, it will be nass for a long time and smell funny.

-Put the CD player unter the Buehne, along with the kisten of Kostume. IT WILL PROBABLY RAIN.

-even better: if a MW Betreuer lives in schwarzwaldhaus, put the Kisten in said Betreuer's room.

-Don't forget to put absolutely everything in a kiste.

-Duct tape.

-It will rain.