For the last few years, we've been experimenting with Rundgang. One option is to do Rundgang ohne Rundgang: Abendessen followed by Abendpause, then Lagerfeuer followed by Überraschung; then a long Haustreff to go over some of the things that would traditionally be done during Rundgang.

A "traditional" Rundgang involves each Haus (or pairs of Häuser) going to different stations:

    • Küchendienst

    • Müllhausen

    • Bank

    • Einbeck/Laden

    • Meet with the dean

One reason we've done away with Rundgang in the past couple of years is that it can be boring for returning (and new) villagers. To perk it up, try using a theme and/or lots of silliness (e.g. a crazy garbage-loving person living in Müllhausen).