Kino is a great activity for Sunday afternoon or evening (combined, perhaps, with a Kino-inspired Tagesprogramm). Very easy to do.

What you need:

3-4 German movies (obviously)

TV + DVD player OR beamer + computer (that plays Region 2 DVDs) for each Ort


Tickets: there are (usually) several rolls of tickets in Liechtenstein/Schreibhausen

Popcorn (you can also get special popcorn Becher)


1. Set up the tech stuff in each area.

2. Decide how many villagers will fit at each place:

    • Kino: 20

    • Oben im Gasthof: 40-50

    • Biohaus: 50-60

    • Unten im Gasthof: 40

    • Max Kade Haus: 20

Note that there is no easy way to project a movie Unten im Gasthof. Everywhere else it's doable. These numbers are for projected movies from a beamer; obviously you'll want fewer if you are using a TV.

What to do:

Have each villager pick a movie at some point during the day. We've done this in a number of ways. You can open each window at Einbeck and sell a different movie at each one. Alternatively, one time we did a Tagesprogramm where the losing team got to pick their movie first, and so on.

Watch the movies. Done.