On the final evening of each session, all of the houses that will be leaving in the morning have a Bankett. If there are LKT sessions that overlap the closing of a session, they will eat elsewhere (often Pizza beim Backofen or Grillen am Grillplatz). This is meant to be a nice, relaxed dinner that is served slowly and in Gängen. There is often a theme or special decorations to make the evening seem special. It is also possible to ask staff or Villagers to provide music or other forms of entertainment between the Gängen. The tables should be rearranged in order to make the event different from other meals. The meal will be served to the table by counselors who don't live with kids or are free for other reasons. Any staff that live with kids and work in the kitchen as well should be relieved so that they can be with their house if at all possible. Check if the kitchen needs any extra help preparing or serving the meal and plan time before the meal for photos with the classes, Familien and Häuser. Don't forget to pass out any awards to Villagers who are leaving early the following morning.