You are a member of the resistance movement, currently working with a team of special agents to complete a secret mission. Your mission is to complete a map of the underground tunnel system extending into enemy territory. Once in your possession, the map will allow you to negotiate the maze-like tunnels, enter into occupied territory, and retrieve critical political information. A master plan of the tunnel system. is centrally located in your. designated area. Each group must reproduce a part of the master plan on the sheet of paper provided. In order to complete this task, each group has a sign with its code name. This sign serves a passport for one, and only one, special agent to approach the master plan, examine it, return to his/her group, and draw what s/he has seen. No cameras, pens, pencils or paper may be brought to the master plan. The first group to recreate the tunnel system is the winner.


You are all special agents, but there may be one, or some, among you who are double agents. If you suspect that someone in your group might have become a double agent or saboteur, you may vote by unanimous decision to expel him/her from the group. group and where saboteurs for the For each suspect, a short trial must be held, with trial notes kept to establish cause for the expulsion. Include relevant comments. If convicted, he so-called saboteur must leave the go directly to s/he will remain with other convicted for the remainder of the activity. IF THE DECISION IS NOT UNANIMOUS, the suspected saboteur remains in the group, but the trial notes shall show a record of the vote. (Note: charges may be brought against an agent more than once.) Each of you will now receive a piece of paper indicating your role as a non-saboteur or, possibly, a saboteur. When you receive the paper, unfold it, and read the paragraph next to the checked box. Follow the instructions indicated. Do not let anyone see your slip of paper. Do not hold it up to the light. As soon as you have finished reading it, fold your slip of paper and return it to the counselor.



1. What did you do to complete the mission? What strategies?

2. What problems or roadblocks did you encounter in finishing The maze?

3. Who had saboteurs? How did you know? How did you deal with them? Ask them to read example of trial notes.

4. Was it easier To complete the mission without the saboteur? Why? NOW EXPLAIN that although everyone received a paper, in actuality, NO ONE was a saboteur. Cut off "I'm sorry_ ... " reactions quickly. Now more open:

5. How did you as a "saboteur" feel?


We tried to create an ambience of suspicion within your group in order to demonstrate how easy it is to blame others and create scapegoats for events or problems which, in reality, are everyone's responsibility. Can you think of any real life situations to which this game can be related?

Attached is a possible "master plan" it is a city map of bern and can be a great prop if the game is sold to the villagers as an attempt to map out the city in order to keep out the Liechtensteiner who are attempting to steal gold from the national Bank of Switzerland.